On my Group’s Creative Direction

For our final project, my group members, Samuel, Dmitri, and I, have been tasked with creating a digital project that serves the needs of a nonprofit organization. Although we have yet to receive permission from them to do so (we are awaiting a response), we have chosen Clean Ocean Action. Clean Ocean Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to, “improving the degraded water quality of marine waters off of the New Jersey/New York coast.” Though we are still brainstorming the aspects of our project, we have had some pretty great ideas. Because the organization already has a website, we were thinking of creating a WordPress site dedicated to volunteering (beach sweeps) with them. I hope the project takes this direction, for I believe it would prove useful in promoting the organization’s goal, as well as creating a sense of community. Having volunteered with them in the past, I can provide testimony to what the experience is like; perhaps we can capture this testimony in a video. Video will prove to be useful in our site, for it provides one with visual insight to what the experience is actually like. It will also serve as a great way to create a sense of urgency within our audience; in seeing the polluted sites of the beach sweeps, one will be moved to participate. Images will also prove useful, for we can utilize them to convey when certain volunteer events are happening.

Beach Sweeps(Image property of Clean Ocean Action)

In preparing for the project, we must create a storyboard. We can reflect this plan in our storyboard, by dedicating a number of slides to certain components of it. For example, we can dedicate a number of slides to the site (what the pages will be, the theme etc.) We can also dedicate slides to the pieces of video content we plan on creating. This will allow us to evaluate what we will need in order to fulfill our project.


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  1. Hey Patrick. I agree with you completely. Video sources will be the best way for us to make an impact on the community. The only tricky part will be gathering enough information to flesh out the narrative while still being concise. We can’t afford to waste time, otherwise our audience will not buy into our campaign. I personally enjoy utilizing digital tools in accompaniment to video story telling. Mixing the two together with proper editing might be particularly effective. If we can also offer our viewership some added benefits, such as an opportunity to utilize equipment or be part of a community, it may increase support.


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