My Top Five Favorite Midterm Sites

The midterm assignment for my “Strategic Presentations in Digital Media” class consisted of students making their own blog sites. While all of the sites created by my fellow classmates are great, here are my top five favorites:

  1. Samuel Ludescher’s Roger That! Copy
    Sam’s site is my favorite because it successfully communicates its legitimacy to the audience, which is extremely important to a profession-oriented blog. He succeeds in this by utilizing Weebly, a site that allows for more customization than WordPress. Customization is necessary for these kinds of blogs, for a unique site catches the attention of a prospective client; the bright colors of Sam’s site do this. It also succeeds in communicating its legitimacy through its sleek, professional logo, and video. Not only is the video informative, informing one on internet statistics that promote the service the page is dedicated to, copywriting, it is also extremely creative. Such creativity further promotes the service, for creativity is essential to copywriting.
  2. Amanda Crystal’s DIY Daily
    Amanda utilized Wix in creating her site, which like Weebly, allows for more customization. Her utilization of the site in creating a site dedicated to DIY projects is extremely strategic for this reason; the creative customization of the site reflects/promotes the subject matter. Amanda customizes the layout of her site, the color scheme, and the font. This creativity is elaborated on in her custom header, the creation (her making it) and aesthetic (what the header actually is, the site name over paint) of it. My favorite aspect of the site, however, is its accessibility. Three pages are clearly centered at the top of the site, allowing one to navigate with ease. Social media widgets are also provided, allowing one to keep up with the site via other platforms.
  3. Carl Del Rosario’s Letters from Life
    Letters from Life is easily the most interesting of all of the midterm sites. Unlike the two sites mentioned previously, Letters from Life is a WordPress site. While one may be thrown off by its bare bones approach to aesthetic at first glance, it all makes sense when he or she listens to Carl’s podcast. The podcast is a performance of his spoken word poem “The Colors I Can’t See,” a moving meditation on colorblindness. Poetry, especially spoken word poetry, often requires the poet to be vulnerable, or exposed, as Carl is. This bareness is reflected in the site’s bare bones aesthetic. Although little information is provided regarding the page and Carl himself, the content speaks volumes.
  4.  Kristen Fong’s life through: photography
    life through: photography is a WordPress site dedicated to Kristen’s travel photography. My favorite aspect of the site is its theme, “The Orvis Theme.” This theme focuses more on images posted to the site, collaging them together in an appealing way. If one wishes to view an image up close, all he or she has to do is click on it. Because the site deals with photography, this theme is perfect. The fact that the pictures themselves are of high quality, elaborates on the effectiveness of the theme. I also enjoy the screencast that Kristen created for the site, for it lends one insight regarding photo editing.
  5. Paige Brizak’s ePortfolio
    Last but not least, Paige Brizak’s ePortfolio is a Wix site dedicated to her professional accomplishments/pursuits, a digital resume of sorts. My favorite aspect of this site is that although it is profession-oriented, it does possibly allude to personality in its aesthetic. Upon viewing the site, an employer may assume that Paige is outgoing due to the bright colors of the header and pages, or well-rounded due to the pictures of a football field etc. While the integration of personality in a professional site can be harmful to the site owner, this site integrates the two in a very nuanced, and thus beneficial way.

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