Creating a Midterm WordPress Site

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In order to satisfy the requirements of a midterm project in which I was to make a new WordPress account,  I created Let’s Talk Literature. Let’s Talk Literature is a blog dedicated to the analysis of literary works. Unlike Grooved Out, Let’s Talk Literature was created in the name of professional development. Once I graduate, I plan on either attending graduate school, or acquiring a job at a publishing company; Let’s Talk Literature can help me develop/demonstrate the analytical skills necessary for both. While I do enjoy literature and the analysis of it, I am not as passionate about it as I am other subjects. This made the prospect of creating the blog quite daunting.

Once I started creating it, however, I found the work enjoyable, for it allowed me to be creative. I harnessed my creative powers in nearly every aspect of the blog, though it may not seem like it based on it’s minimalist aesthetic, which was the point. I wanted the blog itself to reflect the analytical nature of the content, therefore I created the blog with implicit meaning. For example, the dark red background is employed to represent a a leather bound book, while the white text area is employed to represent the page of the book; the blog itself is an open book. Also, the header of the blog, a picture of various books, illuminates the large scope of literature that the blog deals with, for the books in the header are of all different genres. The header, as well as all of the pictures on the blog were taken by me, which I found to be quite fun.

Perhaps the aspect in which I harnessed most of my creative energy was the podcast. The podcast, an analysis of the Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret, allowed me to be creative in the creation of it and the analysis. The podcast starts off with a three note introduction that I recorded myself using Garage Band. Once the introduction is over, my analysis begins and lasts for fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes of creative though, dissecting the text. The podcast closes with a three note conclusion that I also recorded. Once the podcast was recorded, I spent several hours editing it, for the volumes were off. Next time I make a podcast, I will write the entire thing out to eliminate multiple takes and thus editing (though it can be enjoyable).

Although Let’s Talk Literature may not be the flashiest WordPress page, it’s not supposed to be. The main purpose of the blog is its content, the design of a lesser priority. I did try to give the design meaning, however, and hopefully the audience will perceive it. Also, I hope that my effort in creating the blog is perceived. Anyone can utilize stock photos in their blog, or radio hits in their podcast; only some care enough to take their own photos and make their pieces of audio.


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