Creating a Screencast

Of all of the different tools that I have had to utilize in creating content for this blog, screencasting was definitely the most foreign. Sure, I knew that screencasting existed, but up until this project, I didn’t know how, when, or why I would use it. For this reason, I found the prospect of making a video using it quite intimidating. Luckily, the program that I used, Screencast-O-Matic, was extremely user friendly, allowing me to complete my task with ease. I simply downloaded the program from the site, opened it, set the frame for what on the screen would be recorded, then hit record. The program utilized my computer’s built-in mic, recording my voice, while simultaneously recording what was happening on the screen. This allowed me to compare ePortfolios effectively.

Although I was uncomfortable talking into the computer microphone, for I do not like talking out loud, especially when under pressure, doing so in this instance was much easier than doing so while making the podcast. Unlike podcasting, screencasting involves visual reinforcement of the content being spoken, allowing me to stay on track thought-wise, communicating effectively. While making the podcast, this wasn’t the case, me unable to focus on what I needed to say, resulting in a lot of editing. Such editing, although I did my best, made my podcast sound unnatural. Unedited, my screencast sounds the exact opposite, organic and flowing.

Making the screencast has opened my eyes to the possibilities of screencasting. Screencasting can lend  itself to a number of different fields, especially business. For example, if I owned a company that was changing the programs that it utilized, I could demonstrate how to use new programs in a screencast. This would save time, for I would not have to show each individual employee how to use it, while also ensuring that everyone knew how to use it. Perhaps I could archive the screencast, making it accessible to all company employees at anytime. On the opposite side of the spectrum, screencasting can lend itself to art. One could create a screencast movie, the events of the movie taking place on a computer, recorded. For example, I could create a movie about cyber-bullying by screencasting my activity on social media.


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