Creating a Podcast

Songs used in podcast: “Colder Bones” by Goliath & Me, “Fall Bicycle” by Lymbyc Systym


While I had no previous experience in creating a podcast, I did have experience using Garage Band, the software that I used to make it. Because I play music, I often use Garage Band to demo out song ideas. My knowledge of the software made the actual recording of the podcast quite easy. In making future podcasts however, I may use Audacity, for it better suits the recording of voice; Garage Band is better suited for more in depth recording projects, making the recording of something as simple as voice a little more complicated than it should be.

That’s not to say that I didn’t run into any complications in creating the podcast. The part of it that I assumed would be the easiest, speech, turned out to be the hardest. Uncomfortable with speaking into the computer microphone and hearing my own voice, I found it hard to speak clearly. I kept saying the wrong words, and when I could manage to say the right words, I would pronounce them awkwardly. This led me to divide the speech into parts, having to piece them together after the fact. I also ran into complications when trying to upload the podcast. I assumed that WordPress allowed users to upload podcasts directly to the site. I found out that they do, but with a cost. I wound up uploading the podcast to Soundcloud. Seconds later, I received a notification from the site stating that one of the songs that I used in the podcast was copyrighted material and that if I wanted to use it, I must have permission. At that point, I had to choose a new song, edit it, rearrange the whole podcast, and even record new parts. I then uploaded the new version, the one posted above.

For a first attempt at podcasting, I’m quite satisfied with my finished product. The songs fade into one another seamlessly, as does the speech for the most part. The theme of the content reflects the blog, while allowing elaboration. Overtime, I will only get better at speaking and editing, making future podcasts even better. Having other people on the podcast will also help speaking and editing; a conversation with another human being is more natural. On top of that, having other people on the podcast will make it more entertaining, prompting listeners to return. If I do wind up acquiring a lot of listeners, I will take it more seriously, looking into how to sustain a living off of podcasting. Perhaps I could sell ad space in each podcast? If it does not get that popular, knowing how to make one is still beneficial. For example, if I was a journalist, I could use this knowledge to create my own podcast series, engaging people seeking information. Because traditional means of retrieving information are falling by the wayside, one must understand how to present and retrieve information using effective mediums.



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  1. I really like your podcast! Even though you’ve never made a podcast (like myself), your experience in Garageband definitely enhanced it. I liked how you talked about your blog overall and the information it covers. The music you chose was very fitting and not too distracting as I listened to you speak. My only suggestion is maybe make the intro song shorter. Most podcasts I’ve seen have short intro music/songs, and then it gets right into the speaking portion.


  2. I liked the podcast you did! I think you did a great job fading out the music and using it as a sort of bed for you to speak over. The music wasn’t overly aggressive so it didn’t distract from your dialogue which is important. I never would have guessed that this was your first podcast since it was done so well. My only recommendation would be to transition from one song to another. Good work though.


  3. Nice job on making your podcast. The music choice you used was good and didn’t get in the way of you speaking. My only issue (and it’s pretty minor) was how I was hoping to hear more on your thoughts on different music already rather than just the primer of what you plan on doing. Good job overall again 😀


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