Creating a Blog

I’ll be honest, the task of  creating a blog seemed quite daunting at first. Questions regarding theme and content flooded my brain like an incoming tide. “Should I create a blog having to do with what I am passionate about, or a blog that might not align with my passions, but that people will enjoy? Will people care about what I am writing about?” These questions were finally answered. “I’ll create a blog having to do with music, my one true passion,” I thought. “If I am passionate about what I am writing, people will take interest.” The tide receding, I dove headfirst into to the deep depths of WordPress.

2014-02-24 10.10.02_resized(Patrick Leccese)

Once I created an account and domain, I started browsing through the overwhelming number of aesthetic themes that WordPress has to offer. While many of them were appealing, I settled on “The Adaption Theme,” for it was simple; I customized it thereafter. In creating a blog dealing with music, a very broad art form, simplicity is key to engaging a possibly very broad audience. I kept this in mind when creating the blogs pages. If I was creating a blog dealing with a subject that required more context, perhaps I would have created the more elaborate pages. Finally, I integrated widgets into my blog, the source of the minimal confusion setting up the blog has inflicted. I have found the “blogroll” widget particularly confusing. After spending a half hour trying to figure out how to edit the links in the blogroll, I turned to the people of the internet for help. What I found was a number of people having the same issue. WordPress has a support page that describes how to edit them, but the dashboard that they display does not reflect the current user’s dashboard. I have still yet to figure this out.

Although I did run into an issue creating my blog, it was a fairly easy and rewarding process overall. It gave me an excuse to be creative, which really got me excited about creating actual content.

IMG_0889(Album artwork of Kendrick Lamar, FIDLAR, Desaperacidos, Andy Shauf, Chon, The Early November, Dustin Kensrue, Caspian, Drake)


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  1. I really like your blog thus far. It seems that it was a recurring event that people had difficulty setting up their blogs and trying to figure everything out. I myself am still trying to get a grip on how to do everything. I like that you chose to do a blog that you are passionate about, I myself really enjoy music so I can’t wait to see the different kinds of things you post. One thing I would suggest you doing is make it pop a little more. You can tell you are a great writer and a creative person, so add a little something that really shows that. Over all, I like your blog and I can’t wait to see what you post from here on out.


  2. I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one having an issue with the widgets section of WordPress. I do agree that all the customization options are very confusing and can tend to overwhelm. I thought your blog titled “Grooved Out” suits your intentions with the blog perfectly. Also, the image above the blog title does indeed have a “groovy” feel which adds to the overall feel of your page. I also liked the album art collage at the end of your post. For the future, WordPress does have an option to caption the images individually, if you’d rather format your collages that way later on. I’m looking forward to your future posts!


  3. I like your page , it looks clean and organized . I like you will be blogging about music , so i will follow your post and see what interesting things you have to show us . I got the same problem choosing my theme , and it took me a lot to figured out how the site works .


  4. Nice start to your blog, man. Being always interested in finding new music I’m excited to see what kind of stuff you put out. Your blog is looking really organized with all of your menus on the left like the F format. I really like your picture of the collage of album covers since you chose 9 to be able to keep the square like most album art.


  5. I’m glad that you decided to blog about something you are passionate about instead of trying to choose what “other people would enjoy”. It’s all about making yourself happy! While you have a good start with the color scheme of the blog, I would suggest choosing a different theme that is more centered. There is a lot of blue space on the right side which makes it look uneven and not as aesthetically pleasing. Keep up the good work, I’m excited to see what you will blog about in the future!


  6. Not to sound unoriginal, but I think that the page is nicely organized and you nicely integrate photos into your post. It is also an interesting layout so good stuff on selecting something original, but I would look maybe into adding something that makes it pop a bit, and thus maybe not so clean if that makes sense?


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